Your Home Value

The Value of Your Home

A Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) is an evaluation of recently sold homes that are similar or comparable to your home.  In a “CMA” we make adjustments for various features and benefits that the comparable house has that your home does not and vice versus.

The purpose of this evaluation is to determine a range in which your home is likely to sell at that particular moment in time. After our in-depth analysis we arrive at a value range.

Our steps to determining the appropriate range of value include:

  • Select a list of quality comparable properties – we typically use 3-4 recent sales
  • Evaluate the comparable homes near the subject property – typically we search .5 a mile to 1 mile from your home
  • Determine the dollar amounts for various adjustments needed
  • Adjust the values for differences in size, bedrooms/bathrooms, condition, location, amenities, functional utility, etc
  • Estimate the value range based on a weighted average of the best comparable homes

Performing a market analysis requires expert knowledge of the market.  Once you are ready to list your home we will work with you to strategically price your home in order to earn the most money possible.

If you are just curious, feel free to get a complimentary quick market analysis below.  Or contact us for a thorough analysis if you are ready to sell.